Here's what we're doing in 2020                (click the title or picture for more information)

The "600 Round" is a shoot held once a month in an Auckland-based target club (with the exception of October), and is open to all members of any club to participate. It is an incentive for novice and intermediate archers to grow in skill and practice, and meet other members of other clubs.

So the marked series actually started last year in November and for those of us going to Estonia we must participate in this series to gain our classification to shoot at World Field Championships.

So this started off as simple progression for Caleb Anderson - He's been in the Target Archery sport for 2yrs with some sucess, why not try for the NZ team going to Oceania Youth Championships this April in Fiji.

The Kiwi 3D series began in 2007 and is a combination of three 3D shoots hosted by Pine Ridge Archers, Thames Valley Deerstalkers and Massey Archery Club.

Part 1. Ok we made the decision to go so..... Complete entry forms in plenty of time.......Check, make sure Dean and Leah are entered.........later still have time, Book Air BnB accomodation.....check, make sure Dean and Leah are entered.......later still have time??, roughout an itenery of how to get to Estonia......check, book flights......check...