ADAA 600 Round for Newbies


600 Round

The "600 Round" is a shoot held once a month in an Auckland-based target club (with the exception of October), and is open to all members of any club to participate. It is an incentive for novice and intermediate archers to grow in skill and practice, and meet other members of other clubs. 

2020 Dates:

Keep an eye on our "What we're shooting this year" page on this website foir dates or check out the ADAA website


The shoot is free to join, is held at 1pm at the nominated club, with shooting commencing no later than 1.30pm. 

The shoot is 90 arrows at 30 metres. Thats why I am encoraging all new members to be comfortable shooting at 30m. Next Shoot is here

All archers begin on a 122cm target face. Once an archer has shot 600 points or greater on that target face, the next shoot they must drop their target face size to 80cm, then 60cm, then 40cm. Archers who proceed beyond this point may opt to shoot a 20cm spot.

Ribbons are free when won by the archer. Ribbons can be only be claimed by any archer who is a member of an ADAA club.

So this is an open invitation to all WAC members to come along and jooin us at the 600 Rounds, we'll be there with our gazebo so you can find us quickly, bring a chair to sit on and be prepared to have some fun.

122cm = White ribbon, 600 points
80cm = Black ribbon, 600 points
60cm = Blue ribbon, 600 points
40cm = Red ribbon, 600 points
20cm = Gold ribbon, 600 points

All results are posted o the ADAA website under "600 Round?. Records are maintained and Ribbons won highlighted. * indicates a record in the division.