KIWI 3D 2nd Round coming soon


With Pinereidge done and dusted it's time to plan for the next round at Thames Valley. After gauging just how much behind I am I think it's definetly time to put in some practice so as not to embarass my self..........soo much

It's not a molehill, it's a ....

More info on the Kiwi 3D series (to be loaded)

The Kiwi 3D series began in 2007 and is a combination of three 3D shoots hosted by Pine Ridge Archers, Thames Valley Deerstalkers and Massey Archery Club.

The series is based on a fun enjoyable format for all level of archers, shooting marked and unmarked 3D targets including a number of technical shots. With individual clubs adding their own unique touch to each event.

The series takes place over the summer months of February, March and April.

The Kiwi 3D series is very fortunate to be generously sponsored by Advanced Archery, Archery Imports and Attitude Archery. The series is grateful for their continued support.

So get yourself along for some great shooting, friendly atmosphere and some of the most well stocked spot prize tables around!

Just remember, You can always buy new gear,

it's definetly nothing to do with your form