Opening Day


Waitakere Archery Club was officially opened on Sunday 17th Feb with invited guests, ribbon cutting, BBQ a couple of rounds on the course and plenty of light banter. Thank you to all that came we appreciated your presence and support.

Yes with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight I could have rolled a few of the targets closer.........maybe, but where is the challenge in that. However I will be double baling some of those around the pond as soon as I can to prevent lost arrows.......It's just takes the fun out the day when you are losing arrows.

The course was challenging, a mix og Bowhunter, IFAA and WA. Thak you to James at Archery Wharehouse for donating the animal targets and Mark Collins for donating the IFAA targets. They looked much better than my stickman target faces!!.

Thank you also to Evelyn, Eric & Sheryl for the BBQ work and food preparation, it was delicious and despite some reservations about having too much, there was no left overs. The day was relaxed and enjoyable thank you to everyone who turned up on the day