The road to Oceania Champs in Fiji this April.


So this started off as simple progression for Caleb Anderson - He's been in the Target Archery sport for 2yrs with some sucess, why not try for the NZ team going to Oceania Youth Championships this April in Fiji.

We found out about the qualifying process by word of mouth then realised we were late in getting his Minimum Qualifying Score (MQS) so with limited tournaments to gain these scores it was always going to be a challenge. Then add World Archery the mix, allowing Bare bow archers to compete as well, so Dad might as well try also.

So fast forward to today Caleb and I have been trying to secure a spot, each of us in a group of 5 archers competing for the top 3 spots and in each group the top 2 positions are relatively safe, so it's game on for the final position.

Scores... We have to enter our 3 best scores for assigned distances (60m for Caleb & 50m for me) with a couple of tournaments to go Caleb looks to be holding on to that 3rd position and I appear to require a substantial improvement in form and scores........arrgh the joy of archery.......more to come.

The wait...the 16th (Feb) was the las day for scores to be submitted now we wait for the team to be announced