The road to ESTONIA!! - World Field Archery Championships (August)


Part 1. Ok we made the decision to go so..... Complete entry forms in plenty of time.......Check, make sure Dean and Leah are entered.........later still have time, Book Air BnB accomodation.....check, make sure Dean and Leah are entered.......later still have time??,  roughout an itenery of how to get to Estonia......check, book flights......check (sorry Hannah we're gonna miss you), make sure Dean and Leah have entered.......CHECK!! There are 13 registered archers from NZ attending this year, looking at the names they'll be a fun group to be competing with I can't wait. 

Check out the website for more information about the shoot.  wfac2020

Part 2. Decide on equipment we will shoot - Soo - check, Caleb -Check, change, check, Vaughan - check maybe (I'm enjoying the GMX over the Elite riser), Dean - check'ish and Leah - currently injured don't know.  I am supposed to have my field gear well sorted by now, however this qualifying for Oceania is very distracting at the moment. The 2nd round of the IFAA Field markd series is only 2 weeksaway and I still have no sight marks or gaps sorted, which leads into part 3..........

Part 3. Practice regeime. If you are serious about worlds, which is getting close now, then you must have a 6 day training plan in place. 2-3 days won't cut it at that level 4 -5 is only marginally better.....whats your routine? You must find a way to combine work, practice, family and life with a subtle lean towards practice and competitions. It's a constantly evolving search, try to make it fun.

Part 4. Competion Have a look on the NZFAA website check out the marked series for the competion for you to enter. We'll be there and we'll be trying to bring along some newbies as well. don't forget to say hello