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Joining Waitakere Archery Club

Join us today, become a Waitakere Archery Club member. We welcome all new members.

If you have never tried archery before, we suggest you go through a Beginners Course prior to joining. If you have relevant archery history or experience, have completed a beginners course at WAC or another club or are a member at another, then come along to one of our scheduled club days and have a chat. We will ask for details of your training and will most likely ask to check your archery skills in person with a brief test before we approve your membership


Waitakere Archery Club membership year is from 1st January to 31st December of any given year. Your fees cover the cost of your club shoot fees and help pay for administrative essentials. For renewing members, the fee is reduced. This nominal fee is helps cover the costs of target faces and club maintenance.


Only paid up members will be given an ID tag to wear on the shooting range/ course. Members who do not display their ID tag will not be permitted to shoot. Keep your card in your wallet/ purse or attach to your quiver to ensure it is always handy if required. Our club is managed and run by volunteers who are passionate about our sport, however, your help is required to ensure our courses/ ranges are maintained at a high standard. All new members will be assigned target lanes which, with other members also assigned same lanes, they are expected look after. Your lane(s) will be assigned and printed on your club card.


Payment can be made by cash, cheque or direct via internet banking to Waitakere Archery Club bank account. Postal submissions are no longer accepted.

It should be noted that Archery New Zealand (ANZ) Membership is NOT INCLUDED in club membership fees as clubs are not Affiliated to Archery New Zealand..

Completed forms can be  handed to the club secretary or placed in the box marked "enrolment forms" when you come along to a scheduled club day OR Paymement is made direct by bank transfer with Surname and newmem in the refernce fields, return the completed form by email to

 Payment does not guarantee automatic aceptance of memebership. New membership applications are reviewed and voted on at next committee meeting. After these have been processed, receipts and registration cards will be placed in the appropriate pockets in the same location.

Membership Form Click on the button below to download the Waitakere Archery Club membership form.

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Club Membership Levels

In subsequent years when renewing membership, your subscription is lowered to the amount in brackets.

Juniors through to Veterans

Includes Club shoot fees.

Seniors & Veterans have full Shooting & voting rights

Juniors 16 yrs & over have full shooting & voting rights

Juniors 12yrs and under must be accompanied on Field couse or supervised on Target course by an adult 18yrs and over. No voting rights.

 $100 ($80)

Associate Membership

For archers who already belong to another archery club,

Associate members have no voting or committee rights and cannot recieve any club prizes.

$70 ($40)

Social & Administrative Membership

This is our Non-shooting membership for those who wish to support the club.

Social members have full voting rights and are eligable to stand for committee positions, exclusive of excutive postions

$70 ($30)


Governing Bodies

New Zealand Field Archery Association (NZFAA)

Membership gives archer access to national shoots as well as entry rights to international competitions.

Membership is paid via club treasurer

Archery New Zealand (ANZ)

Cost is age dependant

Membership gives entry access to national tournaments as well as entry rights to allpostal leagues and competitions.

Subscription begins October 1st and is paid directly to ANZ by individual archer.

Archery NZ is reviewing membership levies with the view to increase them for the coming year.

$90 & $60 TBC