Want to shoot like Katniss?


If you want to shoot Olympic Target style or Field Archery the fundamentals are the same in developing a soild shot routine with good form to ensure your arrows fly straight and true. Our programmes will make you a confident, safe and competent archer.


Hwarang is a Korean term referring to an elite group of warrior/ soldier youth known for shooting arrows on horseback. 

In our youth programmes our goal is to enable kids to shoot accurately, hopefully aspiring to an elite level,  whilst having fun and making new friends.

 Cubs (8-13 years)

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Juniors (14-16 years)
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Introduction to Archery 

Waitakere Archery Club offers introduction to archery classes. If you would like more information, contact the club by sending an inquiry to us at WaitakereArcheryClub@gmail.com

Custom and small group archery classes

Waitakere Archery Club offers beginning and intermediate group archery classes or archery events to small groups.


This is a great venue for birthdays, scout groups, men's groups, women's groups, religious groups and business teams. If you would like more information, contact the club by sending your contact information and a brief description of your event to us at WaitakereArcheryClub@gmail.com

Team bonding or office rivalry, our corporate days are fun for all. Learn about archery, learn to shoot straight ('ish) then complete a short scoring round shooting different styles of targets. Finish the day with a BBQ and light refreshments. We can make this day as long or short as you require, you will have fun either way.

Private Lessons

Looking to improve and develop faster? Private 1:1 lessons is the best way to get the results you are looking for. Contact us and lets get started. WaitakereArcheryClub@gmail.com


This is where you take your sport to the next level

In this programme we will look at starting a Performance diary, Weekly coaching, Practice programme, fitness and diet. We will target specific tournaments and review your lead up to peak for each tournament.

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